How to learn

We are known for quality training provided to learners and committed to comply with the ISO 9001:2015 Standards. For maintaining the quality training to our learners, we have made a Total Quality Management (TQM) system so that our Quality standards reach to each employee, each process and each Trainer.

We provide training through Online Tutorials, Videoconferencing / Webinar and Online Forum to ensure Anywhere Anytime learning to our Students across the globe.

1. Online Tutorials

Our Training Methodology is backed with World Class Learning Management System (LMS). Once Student is registered, they can access course from anywhere and anytime in their laptop / computer / mobile. Our Course Modules are developed by Experts having more than 10 years of experience. 

  • Learn at own speed & convenience.
  • Topics divided in Chapters for better learning experience.
  • Delivery through Audio Visual Mode.
  • Concepts explained with illustrations & pictures.
  • Live Update Facility to learn during the course and after the course.
  • Replay in case of any confusion.
  • FAQ for each Chapter listing out the Questions and Answers.
  • Self-Assessment Quiz / Test Paper at the end of each Chapter to evaluate understanding.
  • Regular Updates for 12 months.

2. Video conferencing / Webinar

You can attend our Video conference / Webinar. It is conducted by using an on-line software platform that enables our students to participate via a PC or laptop or Mobile.

3. Online Forum

Our forums are the place to find support, and meet others to openly discuss your doubts, issues and your opinions! You can:.

  • Keep up to date with news and developments
  • Ask questions
  • Exchange information and ideas with other learners.